We believe in the importance of fostering a global generation of American youth and it is our goal to make meaningful experiences abroad accessible to high school students across the country. Our scholarships provide a way to recognize outstanding high school students that have the drive and willingness to expand their world-view and immerse in a culture entirely different from their own. 


Through our two-phase scholarship application process, APSA identifies youth that are motivated and eager to take on real-life challenges abroad. By awarding students with scholarships we are providing recognition for their inherent personal qualities, current achievements and future ambitions. It is our ethos that students are awarded with a scholarship as the first step in their study abroad experience as a way to build self-confidence and stoke a sense of pride in recipients. Our programs are then designed as the next critical step to support distinguished APSA scholarship students by providing them with the experiences, training, opportunities and resources to persevere in the future.

What is the difference between the Global Youth Scholarship

and the APSA Scholarship?



APSA Scholarships

An APSA Scholarship is awarded to a student who knows how much potential they have to offer and want every chance to grow and to be included. This is also a student who is not in the financial position to gain this experience on their own.

In coordination with our US Non-Profit Partners, we offer APSA Scholarships to eligible students in the cities/schools that our partners operate. APSA and our partners actively seek donations for the APSA Scholarship Fund to make these scholarships available. The APSA Scholarship covers all program costs for the student. Applications for the APSA Scholarship are facilitated through our US Non-Profit partners who provide further assistance to APSA Scholarship students.

Global Youth Scholarship

A Global Youth Scholarship is awarded to a student who is not intimidated by diversity and inclusion and wants to be a part of a world that’s growing ever-closer and ever-more multi-cultural.

Through the generous donations of our Global Program Partners,  the Global Youth Scholarship is now available to all American youth. We work with our network of Educational Affiliates to bring these scholarships to new high schools across the US. This Scholarship covers a portion of the program fee of the student. 

Shared APSA Scholar Core Values:


  • Believe that all American students, no matter their background, deserve the chance to be included and successful.

  • Value the learning that takes place when people come together to share different cultures, experiences, and ideas.

  • Seek positive ways to self-develop and want exposure to life-changing experiences.

  • Believe the world is much bigger than their own backyard.


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Please do not use this email address to apply for APSA programs, you can submit your information via the links at the top of this page during our submission period.