Who are APSA Scholarship Fund Donors?

The APSA Scholarship Fund is supported by the generous donations from individuals, businesses, foundations and corporate donors that believe in the importance of our mission. Designated scholarship

options are avilable for donors. APSA also applies for government and private grants that support our programs.

100% of APSA Scholarship Funds raised go directly

to forming APSA Scholarships for deserving youth.

What is the APSA Scholarship Fund for?

APSA is dedicated to making study abroad and global education experiences available to all youth and we actively raise funds for our APSA Scholarship Fund to form APSA Scholarships that are awarded to select students. We collaborate with local non-profits in the US to award APSA Scholarships to the most deserving youth. APSA Scholarships recipients are youth between the age of 15 - 17 that demonstrate a financial need, have a strong academic commitment/achievements, are involved in their community and show a passion for learning a new language. The APSA scholarship is given to students that successfully complete the application process and have been approved by the APSA Selection Committee. The scholarship funds go directly towards the student’s study abroad program. APSA Scholarship recipients will take part in APSA’s global education program at no additional cost, the scholarship covers all program expenses including internaional airfare.

How is a designated APSA Scholarship Fund established?

1. Select a Region: To establish a designated APSA scholarship fund, potential donors begin by

selecting the state, district or school they wish to support.

2. Make a Commitment: APSA is dedicated to creating long-term impacts in the communities we reach and requires a minimum 2-year pledge for an established city or a 5-year pledge to introduce a new region/city/district/school. Your designated Scholarship Fund amount can vary from one annual scholarship (min. $5000/year) up to 10 annual scholarships/year (max. $50,000/year).


For donors interested in committing more then $50K/year they can consider our Program Sponsorship level.

3. Name the Scholarship Fund: Donors will have the opportunity to name the scholarship fund that students will be applying for or they may wish to remain anonymous. Once the agreement and name of the Scholarship is finalized between APSA and the Donor the designated APSA Scholarship(s) will become available for student applicants.

To create your own designated APSA Scholarship please send an email to: donors@apsaglobal.org


Please email us for more information on becoming an APSA donor or program sponsor.