Scholarships provided by APSA are designated scholarships for specific APSA programs. We have integrated the scholarship and program selection into one seamless and easy application process. 


All APSA Scholarship applications have two phases. The first phase is completing an online written application to assess the applicant's interest in studying abroad and becoming an APSA Scholar. Successful candidates will receive an invitation to the second phase of selection. During phase two, applicants will attend a scheduled online interview and are required to submit all of the required forms and documents before their deadline. 


Our scholarships are currently available for American high school and college students only.


Phase 1: Online Application

Section 1: Personal Contact Information

Section 2: Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Section 3: Personal Information & High School Transcript

Section 4: Chinese Language Interest and Ability

Section 5: Two Written Essays



Click here to Download a copy of the




We recommend that applicants have their answers and essays

prepared prior to filing in their online application.




Phase 2 Notifications Issued

Only applications that are 100% completed will be contacted at this stage. Strong applicants will receive an email to move on to phase two. Applications that did not 


Phase 2: Online Interview

Part 1: Submit two written Letter of Recommendations from teachers/coaches

Part 2: Book and attend the online interview  

Part 3: Complete and submit all required forms and documents


Final Scholar Selection & Scholarship Awards

We appreciate each of the students who take the time to apply. Applicants who are selected to receive the scholarship will be granted automatic admittance into the APSA program the scholarship is designated for. The APSA Selection Committee consists of the Executive Director, APSA Alumni, and dedicated volunteers. 








Please email us for more information on our programs and scholarships. 


Please do not use this email address to apply for APSA programs, you can submit your information via the links at the top of this page during our submission period.