It is our mission to include all youth populations in meaningful study abroad programs. In order to make enriching global educational experiences more accessible, we work closely with experts and partners around the globe in areas of global education, advocacy, program development as well as evaluation & research. Our network of advisors and partners value the importance of fostering a global generation of American youth and they support APSA by providing the talent, resources or funds that make our scholarships and programs available to students of all backgrounds including vulnerable youth populations. Together we aim to give these talented youth an internationally-aware, competitive head-start as they become active participants in the global economy at home and abroad.


Educational Affiliates

Teachers and Principals have promoted APSA programs to their students since the very beginning. These individuals dedicate their time and give students the encouragement and confidence they need to take the first step to apply. APSA would like to grow our network of schools and have established the Educational Affiliate partnership specifically for educators. Educational Affiliates can include PTAs, teacher associations and education departments that would like to help promote APSA to other teachers and schools nation-wide.

Become an Educational Affiliate

First fill out our 3-minute form so we can get to know you and your school.

Once you submit the form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

For anything the form doesn’t cover please feel free

to contact us directly at partners@apsaglobal.org.


Program Partners

We identify programs and organizations that are dedicated to creating equal opportunities for American youth and tailor collaborative partnerships to serve youth populations that do not have access to meaningful study abroad opportunities. Each region and community that we work with has their own unique set of needs. We work cohesively with program partners to adapt our outreach materials, scholarships and local fundraising strategies to their community. 


Advocacy Partners

APSA is dedicated to building long-term relationships and partnerships with institutions, foundations, organizations and government programs in the US to promote the benefits of high school students studying abroad. We collaborate with partners on research and advocacy campaigns to demonstrate the short and long-term impacts global experiences have on all American youth.


Fundraising Partners

One of the biggest challenges for small organizations is having the resources and time to run fundraisers big or small on their own. APSA is managed by a small full-time team and we are tremendously grateful for the support from our Alumni and supporters across the globe that volunteer their time to help APSA. We enthusiastically consider joint-fundraising activities and coordinating special events with partners who value transparency, flexibility and being open-minded.



Interested in becoming a partner?

Please email us and we will get back shortly: partners@apsaglobal.org