APSA is dedicated to providing quality-oriented global education experiences for youth. We hire talented and experienced program management staff with a background in youth development and experiential education to ensure that all programs are delivered to a high standard. Our language partners and teachers are focused on ensuring Scholars get the most out of each class. Post-program we carry out thorough program surveys to collect valuable feedback and continue to enhance our programs and operations. 

In 2015, 31 Scholars from 10 cities worked together on a youth-led project to share their experience with thier communities. Scholars decided to create 5 themed videos and developed the content plan. They worked with videographer Elliot DeBruyn to create videos that give insight into the APSA program.



APSA Scholars featured in Beyond the Wall Documentary

In 2008 film director Jesse Burke worked with APSA to capture and follow the story of 4 APSA Scholars . Their journey is now part of a full documentary titled Beyond The Wall.



"Beyond The Wall explores what can happen when disadvantaged teenagers from inner cities are given the chance to travel abroad on a summer study program. It follows four public high school kids from DC as they travel to China and in the years after their return to the US.


The film has cameo appearances by President Obama, will.i.am, John Legend and Jackie Chan, who the kids encounter at various points during the 3 year period of filming, but the real focus is these four remarkable and often funny teenagers and their personal journeys to navigate a future beyond the restrictions of their home circumstances."


For more information on the full documentary click here

APSA Scholar Global Community Project

In 2015, 31 Scholars from 10 different cities worked together on a youth-led project to share their APSA experience with the world. The group decided to create 5 videos with themes that focus on different aspects of the program. Each group worked with videographer Elliot DeBruyn to complete the project.


Scholars provide insight into our Chinese language classes and tutoring sessions.


Scholars give insight into the professionalism and career development aspects of the program

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Service Learning

Scholars share their experience volunteering with local NGOs in Beijing

Cultural Diversity

Scholars present their views on diversity and what they learned about the local Chinese culture during the program.

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