Who are Global Youth Scholarships for:


A Global Youth Scholarship student is an American high school student in Grade 9-11 who is not intimidated by diversity and inclusion and wants to be a part of a world that’s growing ever-closer and ever-more multi-cultural.


Partial Scholarships are limited to students that meet all of the following requirements:


  1. Successful completion of APSA’s online application process                                                                                   • Personal information, Parent/Guardian Information, High School Transcript, 2 Essays

  2. Demonstrate some financial need

  3. Provide 2 teacher references

  4. Currently enrolled in a private, charter or public high school the US

  5. Demonstrate an interest in building an international career

  6. Show an interest in learning Chinese (No previous Chinese language experience required)

  7. Has support from family / guardian / teacher to assist with travel documents and pre-program preparations

  8. Has regular access to a computer and internet



What is the Global Youth Scholarship Application Process?


The Global Youth Scholarship application process has two phases. The first phase is an online application which is used to ensure the applicant meets the baseline criteria for the scholarship and to assess their interest in the program. During phase two, select applicants will attend a scheduled online interview with the APSA Interview Panel and are required to submit all phase two documents. Phase two students will be provided with their scholarship amount and program fee after all documents have been submitted. Students who successfully complete all parts of the application process including the parental / legal guardian consent form will be awarded the scholarship and receive final acceptance into the program. 


Phase 1: Students Submit Online Application

  • APSA issues notifications to students that move on to Phase 2 

  • Phase 2 Students select their Online Interview date and time


Phase 2: Students Complete Online Interview

  • Students submit Phase 2 documents to APSA 

  • APSA provides select Students & their Parents with the confirmed scholarship amount and program fee

  • Students & Parents review program details and submit participation agreement and medical forms to APSA


Final Phase: Scholarship Recipients Announced by APSA



Who reviews the Scholarship Applications?


APSA believes that every global-minded American student should have access to international experiences. To ensure that students’ applications for the program are fairly assessed, each application is reviewed by multiple members of the APSA Selection Committee — which consists of the APSA Executive Director, Program Manager, Board members, alumni, and volunteers. The Online Interview is moderated by an APSA staff and the Interview Panel will consist of a wide range of APSA affiliates, including local representatives, alumni, business professionals and NGO partners. 


Who funds APSA’s Global Youth Scholarships?


The Global Youth Scholarship is provided by the generous donations from our global program partners and network of APSA supporters.


Why does APSA require a program fee contribution from Global Youth Scholarship recipients?


APSA is dedicated to ensuring quality study abroad opportunities are affordable and accessible to all American youth. In our effort to increase the number of high school students studying abroad we have introduced a new partial scholarship fund that will support youth who require some financial assistance to join our program.


What does the Global Youth Scholarship cover?


The Global Youth Scholarship will go directly toward the student’s involvement in the APSA China Scholar’s program to cover the cost of the language, culture and career courses the scholar will participate in while abroad. APSA does not charge any administrative fees or generate revenue from paid student participants. We guarantee that 100% of the program fee goes directly towards covering program costs.


The Global Youth Scholarship is a one-time scholarship that cannot be transferred to any other APSA program or third-party study abroad experiences.


Please email us for more information on our programs and scholarships. 



Please do not use this email address to apply for APSA programs, you can submit your information via the links at the top of this page during our submission period.