Established by APSA’s Board of Directors in 2016, The Founders Initiative has set out to secure the organization’s operational funding which supports the year-round work of our dedicated management team who are focused on APSA’s core mission. Founder Initiative donors are board members, individual donors and foundations that are committed to the long-term success of APSA and believe the organization plays an important role in preparing a global-ready generation of American youth. The minimum 5-year commitment from Founder Initiative donors provides operational stability, enabling other funding raised by the organization to go directly towards making APSA scholarships, programs and training available to all American youth populations.



The APSA Scholarship Fund provides full scholarships for vulnerable student populations with a demonstrated financial need. Although students eligible for the APSA Scholarship are not in a position to gain this experience on their own, they value meaningful learning opportunities and are ready to step outside their comfort zones to expand their future academic and career options.


APSA Scholarships cover all program costs for recipients including international airfare and a daily stipend. The value of the scholarship awarded is determined by the type of program the student applies for. 


The APSA Scholarship Fund is supported by the generous donations from individual supporters, corporate donors, foundations, and grants. 100% of APSA Scholarship Fund donations go directly towards forming designated APSA Scholarships.



Our new Global Youth Scholarship is supported by the generous support of our program partners. They help ensure that courses, classes and activities are run to a high standard while providing APSA with exclusive program costs and services that are lower then the market value. This allows APSA to keep program fees as low as possible for Global Youth Scholarship recipients while delivering high quality global education programs.



During the 3-4 month pre-program process, APSA Scholars will begin online preparatory units including professional skills training on effective community engagement. Scholars will gain first-hand experience reaching out to members of their community through confident self-introductions that highlight the opportunity they will have abroad that summer. With the support of APSA, Scholars will aim to raise $500 locally during the pre-program phase that will go towards programs for the next generation of APSA Scholars.