The China Scholars Program enables global-minded youth (ages 15 – 17 or grades 9 – 11) to receive real-world experiences abroad, while developing an understanding for a foreign culture as well as a deeper grasp on their future careers goals. 


Every summer, Global Youth and APSA Scholarship recipients travel to China for this four-week intensive. In those weeks, the scholars immerse in Chinese language and culture through daily language instruction, excursions around the city, and various service-learning projects. 


Throughout this month-long experience scholars also attend workshops, talks and panel discussions with up-and-coming as well as seasoned career leaders from a variety of fields, including technology, diplomacy, education, business, and the arts. The scholars use this unparalleled access as an opportunity to ask thought-provoking question as well as build a professional network in their field of interest.


During the program scholars will: 


  • Attend daily Chinese classes in an international college campus environment

  • Meet with professional change-makers from an array of vibrant careers

  • Gain confidence using Mandarin through immersive cultural experiences in and around the city

  • Participate in community service projects 

  • Engage in meaningful real-life interactions with local people through student-led learning opportunities

  • Gain autonomy over their language learning experience by absorbing local culture and utilizing critical thinking skills





The APSA China Scholars Program is offered exclusively to American high school students who’ve been awarded the Global Youth Scholarship or the APSA Scholarship.


Visit our Global Youth Scholarship page for more details on the scholarship and our selection process.



Application Dates:

Feb.1 - 28: Online written applications open

Mar.1 - 30: Online Interviews

Apr. 1 - 10: Final Selection


Admission & Preparation

Apr. 11 - 30: Program Admissions, passport and visa applications

May 1 - July 9: Pre-Program Mentoring 


28 Day Study Abroad Program 

Jul 10: Arrive in Beijing

Aug 7: Depart Beijing


Program Follow-up

Aug 8 - 30: Post-program mentoring & intro to the Alumni Network





Application Dates:

Oct 1 - 30: Online written applications open

Nov.1 - 30: Online Interviews

Dec.1 - 15: Final Selection


Admission & Preparation

Jan. 15 - 30: Program Admissions & Passport Applications

Feb. 1 - 15: Flight Tickets Booked and Visa Application Prepared

Mar. 1 - Apr.30: APSA Online Fundraising Campaign ($500 goal/Scholar)

May 1 - July 9: Mentoring Program


28 Day Study Abroad Program 

Jul 9: Arrive in Beijing

Aug 6: Depart Beijing


Program Follow-up

Aug 7 - 30: Mentoring & introduction to the APSA Alumni Network


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