APSA Scholarships are made possible by the generous donations that are made to the APSA Scholarship Fund. APSA Scholarships are allocated to youth in coordination with our local non-profit partners across the United States.



APSA Scholarship candidates are grade 9 - 11 students who:

  • Demonstrate a strong academic record, community involvement and interest in learning Chinese

  • Value the learning that takes place when people come together to share different cultures, experiences and ideas

  • See the importance of cross-cultural communication to solve global issues

  • Eagerly accept challenges as they are opportunities to grow

  • Are looking for positive ways to self-develop and want to expose themselves to meaningful experiences

  • Believe that all American students, no matter their background deserve the chance to be included and successful

APSA Scholarships are awarded to students that meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Currently enrolled in a public high school in the US

  2. Demonstrate an interest in building an international career

  3. Show an interest in learning Mandarin Chinese (No previous Chinese language experience required)

  4. Demonstrate a financial need

  5. Hold a GPA of 3.0 and/or +80% attendance rate*

  6. Lack access to college or career readiness resources

  7. Successful completion of APSA’s Application process                                                                                         • Online Application: Personal information, Parent/Guardian Information, Transcript, 2 Essays                  • Interview & References: Complete online interview, submit finance form and 2 character references

*For students that do not meet the grade point average (GPA) or attendance requirement, an additional Written or Video Essay can be submitted to explain why they should be accepted into the program without meeting this specific requirement.


Please email us for more information on our APSA scholarships. 



Please do not use this email address to apply for APSA programs, you can submit your information via the links at the top of this page during our submission period.