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Behind the APSA organization is a talented and professional team of Alumni interns and volunteers. Established in 2015, our Alumni Committee hosts local events to connect our network of APSA Alumni and our dedicated Fundraising Committee leads projects to raise funds that support future APSA Scholars in their communities.

Our team of interns and volunteers devote their time to carrying out our initiatives across the US.


Fundraising Committee Head


"Global education/ traveling abroad allows for a more credible understanding of cultures, acceptance of differences, and celebration of cultures rather than tolerance." 


Contact: samiyah@apsaglobal

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New York Fundraising Committee Head


"Global education gives us a better-rounded understanding of the world and allows us to work more effectively together, in a more connected international economy"


Contact: andrew@apsaglobal.org

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Roger Xie '13 Alumni

Boston Fundraising Committee Head

"Global education provides a gateway for me open up my mind to what the world has to offer. It broadens my horizons through the process learning, engaging, understanding the many unique cultures out there in the world and makes life a little bit more "funcomfortable."


Contact: roger@apsaglobal.org

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New York Alumni Committee Head


"Global education broadens an individual’s understanding of the world and teaches them how to communicate across cultural contexts to problem solve, share perspectives, and bond with others."


Contact: lyla@apsaglobal

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Tai Tran '12 Alumni

Executive Assistant Intern


“To me, global education means taking your world by the horns and flipping it upside down. You’ll find that there’s more than just one side to how culture works and life can be experienced in many ways. That difference is something we can appreciate.”


Contact: tai@apsaglobal.org

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Social Media Intern


"Global education helps shape people to grow academically, personally, and culturally. People are able to communicate effectively, manage their time and finances, and view the world in a broader perspective." 


Contact: mandy@apsaglobal.org

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DC Alumni Committee Head


"To quote the world's leading advocate for global education, Malala, "one [student], one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world."


Contact: peter@apsaglobal.org

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