APSA is a non-profit organization established in 2008 by American professionals who have extensive experience abroad and are passionate about youth development. APSA was founded to fulfill a need to grow the number of Americans who are ready to engage globally and to diversify their backgrounds and the range of careers they will pursue. To accomplish this, the organization provides scholarships to give more American high school students the opportunity to study abroad. Through the APSA China Scholars flagship program, participating students are prepared with the knowledge, experience, and motivation to establish the foundation for lifelong engagement with foreign cultures necessary to prepare them for the increasingly globalized workplace. Dedicated to global education advocacy, APSA also takes part in initiatives that motivate communities and other stakeholders to expand study abroad opportunities and other forms of global education to more diverse student groups and work together to promote meaningful global experiences to all American communities.


Since 2008 APSA has awarded over 400 high school students

from 14 cities across the US with over $2M in scholarships

for global education experiences abroad.

Our goal is to reach 1000 youth by 2020.


It is our mission to include all youth populations in meaningful study abroad programs. In order to make enriching global educational experiences more accessible, we work closely with experts and partners around the globe in areas of global education, advocacy, program development as well as evaluation & research. Our network of advisors and partners value the importance of fostering a global generation of American youth and they support APSA by providing the talent, resources or funds that make our scholarships and programs available to students of all backgrounds including vulnerable youth populations. Together we aim to give these talented youth an internationally-aware, competitive head-start as they become active participants in the global economy at home and abroad.



"Before going to China, I wanted to go straight into the workforce, or maybe attend a community school. APSA inspired me to want to achieve greater things and revealed the importance of doing so. "

       Joshua Mejia, 2012 APSA Scholar



"Through APSA, I was exposed to so many different people coming from all kinds of backgrounds. Living and studying together with these people pushed me to become more open-minded and to embrace our differences."

             Tina Huang, 2015 APSA Scholar



Our organizational culture, program objectives and strategic partnerships embody these core values;


Adaptability: We value the importance of remaining flexible and resilient in order to best respond to the changes and shifts that take place in our lives and in the world around us.


Courage: We value the bravery required to experience something new and when developing deeper human connections across differences of opinion, faith, nationality and culture.


Empathy: We value sincere and compassionate acts of kindness and the willingness to understand the feelings and needs of others while thoughtfully sharing our own.


Human Ingenuity: We value the passion, skills and creative potential that individuals, groups and communities use to develop more peaceful and sustainable societies.


Humility: We value the importance of remaining modest and humble to create an inclusive space for others to contribute their own ideas, opinions, values and beliefs. 


Integrity: We value living and working with gratitude, respect and honesty to build genuine unity, trust and a sense of belonging.


Openness: We value a commitment to equality, pluralism and sustained human connections through the powers of truth, playfulness and transparency.